• Becca

Sun, Sand, & Salty Kisses | James' First Trip to the Beach

One thing I miss about living in North Carolina is the easy access to the ocean. Some of my very favorite childhood memories are at the beach! It meant so much to start a family vacation tradition with James, even at just 7 months old! We went with my parents (which was a HUGE help! I can't imagine lugging around everything by ourselves!) and went to Myrtle Beach, SC. James was not entirely sure he liked the water at first, but by the end of the trip, LOVED the pool! This was especially a win for us because it meant that he no longer hated bath-time when we got home. Up until now, baths meant screaming and unpleasantness, but now he actually enjoys them! James also started solid foods on this trip. I was proud to exclusively breastfeed for 7 months, and on this trip he got to try sweet potatoes and pears (both of which he could not get enough of). I'm really grateful we took this trip before he started crawling. I look forward to building sandcastles and running into the waves next year, but this trip was actually incredibly relaxing and not at all exhausting like I anticipated. We went out onto the beach every morning, cuddled up underneath an umbrella, and spent all day there. We took turns holding him while he slept and enjoyed the salty air and warm breeze for hours. Soaking up these moments as a family mean so much to me. Even though he won't remember this first trip, I will forever remember how peaceful life was when I looked out from my piece of paradise with a cuddly baby in my arms and my husband's hand in mine.

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