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Did I Blink?? James is 10 months old!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

It's something I heard all the time when I was pregnant. "It goes by so fast!" I nodded my head, smiled, and agreed. I never disagreed. In fact, I felt sure that I knew they were right. Of course it will go by fast! But now, I realize how little I understood those words!

Just like that, a blink of a metaphorical eye, and I have a ten month old. I'm planning a first birthday party. I'm buying new clothes that will fit him better. I'm adding more to the baby-proofing around the house. All because I blinked.

Those early weeks of new parenthood, especially the nights, felt long. There didn't seem to be an end to the exhaustion. Looking back, I had way too much adrenaline to know what true exhaustion was!! For at least the first 5 months, I rocked along, never sleeping when the baby slept (because I didn't need to! Ha!), and only realized how tired I was when I had my daily meltdown that was almost as easy to anticipate as James' witching hour.

After 5 months, I felt tired. Not knowing if I had already shampooed in the shower tired. Letting James wear the same onesie 2 days in a row tired. Did I eat lunch today? TIRED.

And amidst all this exhaustion, I've blinked. And now he's nearing his first birthday. For as quickly as it has all happened, I realize now that it also feels like he's been here forever. I truly don't remember what life was like before him. It was nice... but not nearly as joyful. And while I am tired, there's nothing that wakes me up more than a smile when he sees me. Can you say, WORTH IT??

Here's what month 10 has been like:

-He definitely knows what "no" means and emphatically does not like it when we say it. No one told me 1o month olds threw tantrums!!

-He loves to crawl under my desk & get my attention while I'm trying to edit (which I very happily stop to oblige!)

-He's always loved music, but he has now discovered how much he LOVES listening to granddaddy play guitar. He feels the vibrations, strums the strings, and looks up with such admiration for his granddad. (In fact, if there's a guitar in the room, he goes over and pats it until someone picks it up.)

-He can pull himself up onto furniture and bounce. Even better? Using mom & dad as a jungle gym to crawl over the back of the couch.

-Since transitioning from pureed foods, he eats everything we put in front of him. Literally. He has not refused a single new flavor or texture.

-His first syllables were dada, but now he says it with meaning when Jesse is around! It makes me want to cry when I overhear them talking to one another in the other room. Monitors are the best thing ever for eavesdropping on my two favorite guys chatting it up and loving on one another.

-He's always been a good sleeper (except for those few weeks of sleep regression every few months... but we won't count those!), and now he goes down so well there's no crying at night, for him or mommy!

-His hugs wrap around necks and over shoulders now, which is the best feeling in the world.

You're the best James. And we love you.

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