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A Week of Joy: The Honeymoon

After all the rush and excitement of our wedding day, we enjoyed the most fantastic, relaxing, magical week on our honeymoon! Thanks to the advice of Chandler, we looked into an all-inclusive resort in Cancun through Secrets Resorts. It was the best decision we could have made!

All-inclusive at these resorts means luxurious rooms, breakfast buffets with daily changing menus, nine on-site five-star restaurants, unlimited premium drinks, sailing & kayaking, music & entertainment, and people waiting on you hand & food. We spent a week staring up at clear blue skies, seeing the sparkles of crystal blue waters, and never having to lift a finger for anything.

Our daily routine included the following...

Sleeping in. Either (1) going to the breakfast buffet which had more choices than I had ever imagined, or (2) ordering room service and eating on our private porch.

Throwing on our swimsuits and heading to the pool or beach. Laying in the water for a few hours until someone came by asking if we'd like to try the drink of the day and have a snack (this trip turned me into a guacamole enthusiast). At this point, we'd get out and lie on a chair for a few more hours while reading books. (A vacation isn't a vacation without at least 2 novels to read!)

We'd wander on over to lunch at one of the outdoor restaurants so we could enjoy the smell and sight of the ocean. Napping would then ensue until we were ready to go back out to the pool for the second time a day.

We decided to try out a different restaurant every night. The best part about all-inclusive is that you never have to worry about whether or not you like what you choose because you can always ask for something else. We had four-course dinners every night and had the freedom to be adventurous in our choices. We tend to be fairly early eaters, so there were never more than maybe 1 or 2 other couples with us in the entire restaurant. Talk about feeling like royalty!

After dinner we'd take a stroll around the hotel or down the beach, enjoying the cool crisp air. We would be soooo full, commenting that we couldn't ever eat again, but somehow we always found room for a late-night second dessert via room-service around 9 or 10 ;) . We'd find something on TV to watch (such as Hulk with funny sub-titles, or other such movies) and then read to each other before falling asleep. One of our favorite hobbies is reading a book together, so we'd always take a few chapters at night.

Then we'd wake up again to another blissful day.

Another great thing from our resort was a free photo shoot with the photographers on site. When would we get the chance to take such amazing photos of the beach? It's a great keepsake.

It was so hard to leave after that week. We turned our phones off and completely disconnected from the world. It was just us, the whole world was open, and there wasn't a single care in the world. Honey... when can we go back????

Beautiful photos courtesy of Outdoors Photography. 


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