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A Day of Joy: The Reception

As you know, I like to journal (hence the name of this company!) because it allows me to relive important moments over and over again. I wanted to share this series of posts that chronicle the best day of my life, marrying the love of my life.

We got to the reception after our guests had been enjoying cocktail hour. We held our reception at Old Natchez Country Club in Franklin, a venue with huge windows everywhere, letting in the natural light of the afternoon sun and night stars. We walked in to “Happy” by Pharell, and Jesse took me into the room as they announced us as “Mr. & Mrs. Jardine”.

A few details of our reception that truly made it ours...

We placed pictures, bibles, and figurines over various tables and bookcases. Jesse made our seating chart from a wood frame, fabric, and twine.

Our tables were all decorated in a different theme, each representing something that we love to do or describes us. Here were each of them:

(1) New Orleans (2) Comic Books (3) Books (4) Music (5) France (6) Cooking (7) Movies (8) Board Games (9) Disney (10) County Fairs (11) Travel (12) Video Games

Possibly the best find of ours was for our comic book table. We actually found comic books that had weddings in them! It was probably the most commented on decoration of the entire day. It was such a blast finding all the pieces to put on the tables. And it made decorating our apartment afterwards that much easier!!

We had a sit-down dinner where we had different people give their toasts throughout. Rusty welcomed everyone, gave his speech, and prayed over our meal. His speech was so thoughtful and sentimental. He had written a letter to Jesse when he turned 18, and he reread it again, mentioning how his love had not changed for him, and now included me. He also told the funniest story about his gift to us. He and Ellen gave us a couple’s bible the day before and had people highlight and sign their favorite verses. When they went to get it engraved, the man at Lifeway stopped when he heard the names. You see, just hours previously, Jesse and I had gone to pick out our wedding gifts to one another and gotten our names engraved!

Rebecca and Matt gave their toasts after the salad course. Our friends were so sweet throughout the entire engagement. Rebecca has been a sister to me since the day we met and never left my side. She has been an integral part of our relationship, spending countless nights listening to me dream about my future with Jesse. She has been there to tell me that I’m being a bit dramatic and to call Jesse since he really didn’t do anything wrong. She’s prayed for us, dreamed with us, planned with us, and been with us for years. It meant so much for her to be my maid-of-honor!

Matt and Jesse have been best friends since they were little. While most of their talks have consisted of fake-arguments over pepsi vs coke, Captain America vs The Punisher, and X-box vs Play-station, he has also never stopped being there for him. And while the introduction of me meant sacrificing time with him, he has always welcomed me as his friend. I’m so thankful for Matt’s brother-like friendship with Jesse, and that he is now considered one of my best friends too.

Dad gave us his speech last. He talked through Jesse & I’s five-year relationship, and how over time Dad & Mom’s hearts were changed to love Jesse as another son. He made us laugh the hardest, but by the end, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a dad to give away his daughter, but the grace in which he did was beautiful. Jesse and I thank God daily for how he has given us two families whom we love dearly.

After his speech, Dad sang us a song. I wanted to know what he was going to sing, but he kept it a surprise until the day of. He sang “Look Heart, No Hands”, and I could barely keep myself from crying.

After his surprise for us, it was my turn for my surprise for Jesse. I had kept it a secret and spent months planning what song to sing to him. I settled on “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. Jesse later told me that it was the part of the day he couldn’t keep himself from crying.

From there we cut our red velvet cake (we decided to have a cake table full of different cakes, 10 to be exact, so that everyone could get their personal favorite flavor), danced to our first dance (“Blue Moon”), and danced the rest of the night away with laughter and smiles.

I love the pictures from our reception, mainly because of the utter joy you see on so many people's faces! Take a look...

I remember when the night was coming to an end I went with my mom to take my dress off and change to go to our hotel. There was a moment where I just held it to me as I realized I’d never get to wear it again!! Thankfully my excitement for our honeymoon in Cancun got me through that moment and I was able to put on my farewell dress and go back out to hug everyone a few times before we ran to our car and started our journey!

Beautiful photos courtesy of Doerman Photography.

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