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A Day of Joy: Getting Ready

As you know, I like to journal (hence the name of this company!) because it allows me to relive important moments over and over again. I wanted to share this series of posts that chronicle the best day of my life, marrying the love of my life.

Getting Ready: The Bride

"I have waited over five years for this day, the day I get to marry this man! It's beautiful to see God fulfill His plans in His perfect timing. Well worth the wait, my dear! Such an amazing journey, I can't wait to continue walking with you. 'Yet they did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but were strengthened in their faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.' Romans 4:20-21 Now let's get married!!" (In addition to "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" on a never-ending loop, these were some of the thoughts in my head that morning)

Nashville had had non-stop rain for one whole week leading up to our wedding day. And no matter how many times people say, "It's good luck!", I really didn't want rain. Sure, my venues were indoors, but I really, really wanted sunshine. That morning before I even opened my eyes, I could have cared less about the weather. I would go splash around in the puddles in my dress (much to the horror of my mother and bridesmaids, I'm sure)! But when I finally looked up at my ceiling, there was sunshine flooding into my room. I looked outside and there was not a single cloud in the beautifully blue sky.

So after getting ready most of the way (i.e., hair & makeup), Rebecca drove me to the church straight away after stopping at chick-fil-a. (A girl's gotta eat! Especially on her wedding day...)

I still let out a happy sigh whenever I see a picture of my wedding dress. It felt so romantic and beautiful. I really wanted something classic, traditional, timeless. While it may sound cliche, I did want to feel like a princess. My dress was from "Allure" and was covered in my favorite fabric... lace! The veil had just the slightest touches of lace around the edges. I loved the way it fell across my shoulders, which is why I didn't take it off, even for the reception!

Putting it on with mom was one of my favorite memories. Years of zipping up dresses, doing my hair, teaching me how to put on makeup, and always being my personal stylist whenever needed. She always taught me how to be beautiful... Just smile.

My veil, earrings, necklace, and handkerchief had sentimental attachment to the Davis side of my family. Those earrings had been worn by many women in our family, and each of us has a handkerchief made by my grandmother that we carried down with us. The necklace was something that I bought with my mom and grandmother after my grandfather's passing, and I always think of him when I wear it. My Aunt Debby bought my veil for me, which was so very appreciated and lovely to think of her as I wore it. Traditions give such warm and tender feelings, it felt like my family was with me, both in spirit and in person. Jena, my sister-in-law, made my garter for me, and even added a bow for my "something blue". So let's see...

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. Yep! I was ready to get married...

Getting Ready: The Groom

Boy did he look sharp! His grey suit and bright purple tie were the perfect combination. Anyone who knows Jesse knows that he exclusively wears converse. So what else would he wear but those on our wedding?? We found some very nice looking black leather converse that were the perfect touch of fun and formal.

Jesse had mentioned on more than one occasion memories of his late father's pocketwatch. It was a family heirloom he hoped to find again one day. And we were able to find it, just days before the wedding! I know he was thankful to receive that.

When Sonya gave us the pocketwatch, we were pleased to also see a handkerchief with a small embroidered "J" on it. So while I had my own handkerchief, he had one too that he used as his pocket square.

Perhaps one of the best parts of putting together his outfit was the cufflinks. Jesse wanted to have a subtle touch pointing to his love of comics. He gave each of his groomsmen cuff links that represented their favorite comic book hero. So, in case you are unfamiliar with the symbols... Jesse's is Captain America, Matt's is The Punisher, BJ's is The Flash, and Josh's is Iron Man!

Getting Ready: The Bridal Party

Our floral arrangements were beautifully done that displayed our wedding colors as well as combining complimentary colors. I really wanted soft touches of purple as the main focus in my bouquet, and the dusty lavender roses were perfect! The bridesmaids bouquets were given the same soft pink that were in my bouquet. And the mint green added a romantic touch.

Now I hope I speak for all my bridesmaids when I say that their dresses were great!! I was honestly kind of jealous that I wasn't able to buy one myself... but I guess I had something else to wear that day. ;) The purple was such a nice pop against the white and grey. The groomsmen wore different purple designed ties to match.

Getting Ready: Gifts

Jesse and I had decided to give each other the same gift: New bibles with our name's engraved on them. Before the rehearsal dinner, we went to the church and sat in one of the back pews, writing a letter inside the cover for the other to open the next day. Writing both the feelings we had in the moment, full of anticipation and excitement, as well as promises we made to our future selves, was beautiful. Now when I open my bible, I am reminded of the covenant we made both to each other and with God.

Beautiful photos courtesy of Doerman Photography.

The Wedding Continues with A Day of Joy: The Ceremony


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