We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone

-Katie Thurmes-


One of my fondest childhood memories is asking my mother to look through family photos with me. We would go over to the cabinet that held our photos in albums, pick one out, and sit on my great-grandmother’s couch flipping through the pages. She would point to different pictures, telling me the story behind it. I think that’s where my love for photos began.

Photos tell stories. They act as a time machine. A storybook. A journal.

Too often we spend time behind the lens. We take photos of our loved ones and miss out on having moments captured with our loved ones. That’s where I come in!

My passion is giving people return tickets. A photographic journal of a time in their life they want captured forever. Whether a special day or a simple day at home, I want to capture what matters most to you.


I love all things natural & honest. What this means for my style is that it sometimes changes for you. Your house is dark? No problem. You want to do something after the sun goes down? No problem. It rains in the middle of your session? No problem!


 I follow you & your family wherever you want to go. I'll come take pics of you making your grandmother's best cookie recipe, or your favorite bedtime routine, or go back and relive how & when you first met the love of your life. My pictures are honest. Honest lighting. Honest love. Honest beauty. Because I believe that every person & every family's story is beautiful just the way it is and deserves to be captured in the way that best reflects who they are.  


Wife. Mama. Believer. Dreamer.

Jesse & I met after I moved to TN in 2010 and started attending Wilson Central High School in Lebanon, TN. He was my first and only love! We got married 5 years later, and...


4 years after that, we welcomed James Blake into our little family! The joy he has brought to our lives is immeasurable. Motherhood is my greatest calling. Every day watching him grow is the most wondrous adventure.

Everything good in my life is thanks to God & how beautiful of a storyteller he is. I love being the Journalistic Jardine and capturing my story through photography, writing, & art, but it's all thanks to Him. 

Just as my mom inspired kindness in my soul, my dad inspired my dreaming. I have watched him dream & create my entire life. Whether music, film, ministry, or something else, I saw him push fear to the side to achieve his callings. My journey into photography is thanks to him. 

Things I Love:


-All things pasta

-The smell of old books

-The way Jesse holds my hand

-James falling asleep on me & ignoring doing the dishes


-Baking & cooking

-Planning vacations that I never end up taking


-Christmas (my absolute favorite holiday)

-High school tv dramas (they're my guilty pleasure)

-Romans 4:20

Things I Don't Love:

​-Working out

-Friends that live far away

-Lima beans

-Pinterest fails

-Being too hot at night

-Mom shaming

-Cheesy romance novels

-Scary movies

-Forgetting why I walked into a room

-Hearing James cry

-My phone dying

-Crying (except I cry ALL the time, ask Jesse)

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